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When Would You Consider an Electrical Emergency?

At times, homeowners are not able to distinguish between a nuisance and an emergency at home. Most of the time, wiring issues could easily lead to an emergency. However, if you are not sure about the issue, call us, and we will send an emergency electrician to assess the situation. Some indicators of electrical emergency include:

Loss of power

We know it is pretty normal to lose power, especially when there is a storm or when the power company is making some maintenance. However, if you lose power alone and everyone else has power, that could be a recipe for disaster. Call our residential emergency electrician as soon as possible to look at it.


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Lights flickering continuously

If you notice your lights flickering, there could be an issue with the switch or the light bulb. If the flickering is persistent and seems a bit violent, there is probably a more significant underlying issue. Maybe there is something wrong such as loose wiring, excess voltage, or circuit overload. Such problems are critical hazards and require immediate attention from our home electrician. 

Unidentified burning smell

Do you have smoke detectors in the house?
Are they going off? 
Do you smell something burning in the house? Ensure you check your appliances, ducts, outlets, and breaker box. Try to identify what could be smelling, especially if it smells like plastic; it could be an electrical issue. 

Someone was electrocuted

There are different circumstances where one can be electrocuted:

  • Water near electricity or when you touch outlets with wet hands

  • Faulty appliances with broken cords

  • Switch with loose screws and wiring

Smoke from your outlet

Most outlets will have an issue when debris builds up. Electricity then transfers to the dirt or dust, causing arcing. Arcing is responsible for heat around that area and could potentially result in a fire. Loose connections and wiring issues could lead to smoke in the outlets. When you notice smoke in your outlets, contact our 24-hour electrician before things get out of hand. They will look at it and tell you where the problem is. The good thing about our service is that we are available 24/7.

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With 24/7 emergency electrician services, you are bound to receive efficient and faster responses.

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Our commercial emergency electrician works 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure your electrical systems are fully functional.


we have professionals for all your industrial electrical problems. You do not have to wait.

For all your residential electrical problems and questions, call us at Master Emergency electrician, and we will gladly help you out. Our services are 24 hours every single day. Do not hesitate to contact us whether it is on a weekend or a weekday. 

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