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24 Hour Electrician

Our 24 hour electricians are ready to assist all clients around Sydney 24/7 in case of any electrical emergency needs with reasonable charge.

Emergency Electrician​

we are the most reliable and professional emergency electrician in Sydney. We have been helping customers around Sydney for over 25 Years. Do Not hesitate to contact us now. 

Power Restoration ​

If your property lost power for any unknown reason we are here to help Contact hour 24 hour electrician without a delay. and we will send you one of our friendly and licensed electrician now.

Fault Finding

If you have any electrical fault around your home or office. or you can hear any crackling noise near power point or switchboard or any other possible problem. We are Ready to help

Electrical Repair

If you have a faulty light, Power point, bathroom heater, electrical hot water or any other electrical appliances. Mr Emergency electrician is your right choice. 


Tripping Circuit Repair​

Tripping circuit can happen at anytime. this might occur due to a short circuit or fault appliances or even a water leakage to an electrical connection. We are the real Expert contact us now 

Power Point & Switch Repair

do you have a burned power point and faulty switch?

contact Mr Emergency Electrician now. we can help you for very reasonable cost.

Fuse & Switchboard Repair 

do you have a blown ceramic fuse due to overload or a short circuit at home. Our emergency electrician is ready to help

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